CNC Lathe Machining

In our CNC Lathe department, we offer live tooling for drilling, milling and turning parts

all in a one-station flow of operations.

With three Lathe machining centers on-site and the capability of being able to utilize their 

15 inch swing and 4 feet long area, it allows us to produce complicated parts quickly and effortlessly.

By utilizing these centers, we can maintain the most critical geometric tolerances. 

This is done by eliminating re-chucking of the part, therefore reducing errors from 

having to move parts from one station to another. 

Mazak CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling
Assorted Lathe Mill/Turn Parts
Lathe Components


CNC Lathe Equipment Specs

Mazak QuickTurn 350
15" Swing        45" Length

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 300M
15" Swing          48" Length
(With Live Tooling)


Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 100

7.5" Swing          13" Length
(With 4' Bar Feeder)

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